Wedding Favours

With the many details that weddings require, thinking about wedding favours is often one of those things that ends up being left until the very end. It's easy to put off the small things, but your guests will definitely enjoy a thoughtful party favour to help them remember the fun they had at your wedding. Fortunately, something as simple as popcorn can be a great option for wedding favours and it will certainly get plenty of smiles from your guests. There are many beautiful wedding venues near gatwick where you can enjoy your wedding, but don't forget to prepare some interesting favours for your guests to take home at the end of the celebration.

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Popcorn is Cost Effective

If you're concerned about your wedding budget, popcorn is definitely a great choice. It's extremely affordable and your guests will love it. Keep in mind, just because it's a cost-effective option doesn't mean it has to be boring. Consider the abundance of flavour options you have and make your popcorn favours something your guests will remember. While popcorn is definitely a great choice for the budget conscious, it also offers a wonderful favour option for those with a healthy budget.

Show Your Personality

Imagine how fun it would be to let your personality shine through in the wedding favours that you give to your guests. Whether you and your future spouse met at a theatre or you're both movie buffs, popcorn can be the link that ties your personal interests to something very special for your guests to take home with them after your wedding. Additionally, if you like sweet, salty, savoury, or even spicy foods, you might want to think about creating your own special popcorn flavouring. Maybe you love Thai food or a backyard BBQ, these flavour options could definitely make a novel way to personalize your popcorn. Nothing says you have to stick with plain salt on your popcorn favours. 

Don't be Afraid to be Different

There's no doubt that using popcorn as a fun and cost-effective wedding favour is not something that you see every day; however, stepping away from the more traditional and expected wedding favours can help you create a unique wedding that everyone will remember. Keep in mind, different doesn't mean boring; sometimes it means interesting and exciting. Get creative and choose a variety of popcorn flavours or choose unique containers for your popcorn treats.