Car accidents can happen to anyone with very diverse causes.
Therefore, we always advise you to drive with extra caution.
But sometimes, accidents can happen for reasons beyond your control.
Call it the negligence of other road users or natural factors and technical damage.

So what if we get into a car accident? What’s the first thing that should be done?
Of course, you are strongly advised not to panic and stay calm.
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After that, you can listen to the following article as a guide during a traffic accident.
Don’t forget to keep driving safely on the road!

1. Keep calm and analyze the accident situation

If you don’t have a severe injury, then you should stay calm.
And please analyze the situation around you.
Analyze the surrounding conditions, and check the needs of the drivers and passengers of other vehicles that collided with us.
Make sure there is no serious injury to all parties involved.

2. Contact the authorities

The next step is to contact the authorities and related parties so that assistance is immediately sent.
If there are injured victims, you can immediately contact the nearest hospital so that an ambulance is sent directly.
In addition, you should contact the authorities, such as the police, to inform them that an accident has occurred.
The goal is that the police can secure the crime scene from unwanted events.

3. Document the car

If your condition is still quite good and there are no serious injuries,
You can take pictures of the situation that occurred, such as the condition of the damage to the car that crashed and hit like what,
road and weather conditions, as well as damage to signs if there are road signs or facilities that are also damaged.
This is important, especially for your insurance administration needs later.