There is more to commercial glass doors than first appears. Although these doors may seem straightforward, they are made from a particular kind of glass intended to endure the wear and tear of regular use. What sort of glass, though, is used for business doors? We at Glass Door Specialist know the solutions as the best glass door Singapore.

It’s crucial to remember that not all glass is created equal. For example, commercial glass doors need a certain kind of impact-resistant, sturdy, long-lasting glass. Tempered glass is the most typical type of glass used in commercial doors because of this. Designed to shatter into tiny, rounded fragments when broken, tempered glass is four to five times stronger than conventional glass and lowers the danger of damage.

We at Glass Door Specialist always utilize the best-tempered glass for our business doors. This guarantees that your doors will be durable as well as beautiful. To meet your particular requirements, we also provide a variety of thickness alternatives, including 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm.

We provide laminated glass for commercial doors in addition to tempered glass. A layer of vinyl is sandwiched between two layers of glass to create laminated glass, a robust, long-lasting, and shatter-resistant material. Laminated glass is frequently employed when sound insulation or strong security is required.

Because each company is different, we at Glass Door Specialist offer a variety of glass alternatives for our commercial doors. We also provide tailored solutions for every project to ensure you receive your area’s ideal door.

Not all glass door firms utilize high-quality glass; it is crucial to remember this. Glass Door Expert never skimps on the quality of our materials. To ensure that our doors are lovely but also secure and long-lasting, we exclusively use the highest quality tempered and laminated glass.

For our business doors at Glass Door Specialist, we exclusively use laminated glass for high-security or soundproofing purposes, in addition to the best-tempered glass available.